A good maintenance requires the choice of the best

Designed to simplify the management of your activity, our CMMS and EAM solution manages a headquarters or several locations, adapting to each activity, regardless of the size of the company.

Home portal, and do not look elsewhere.
All the desired information of your activities will be there, on a single page.
Personalization, customizable.
Personalize the appearance and functionalities of your application. Your wishes are unique, make CORIM your CMMS application.
Planning, everything is possible...
More than a visualization of the activity, a real-time dashboard.
It will be your indicator !
Simple, personalized or standard, it will be your choice! Create your indicator library, share the results and progress.
Graphical tools.
Portal 360o, graphic access to your equipment by map or photo, intuitive and personalized.
Flexible ? Yes.
Together with us, you have the choice of your company. The arborescence of equipment is a free structure, with consolidation at all levels.

Knowledge and experience at the service of your business



corim in figures

So good as your company is unique

years in total development

Our products have the necessary resources. Since 1996, we have invested around 80 years of development in coded, adjusting and adapting CORIM.

18 000

Today, more than 18,000 users trust our software for the efficiency of their equipment and optimize maintenance.

Million work orders

5.6 Millions of maintenance interventions are created around the world with our software, the efficiency of our product goes through the insitu experience.

All the features you need


To know well the state of your equipment.

Find the detailed information (historical, counters, measurements, documentation, ...) in a simple and easy way. Multi-arborescence, graphic maps, consult and enrich your database with ease.

Centralization of planning.

The CORIM planning, more than a calendar. From the request of the works to the realization of it. Register and organize all the activity. The AI ​​will be responsible taking into account the availability and skills, to warn of delays, deviations and created gaps.

The best tracking of spare parts.

Multi-warehouse management, automatic provisioning, consumption measurement by equipment, inventory management: mobile spare parts, spare parts in stock, valued stock ... get all the information of your spare parts.

Purchasing flow. All the flow of purchases.

From the price request to the control of invoices, through quality monitoring, we control the entire flow of purchases.

KPI, measure your performance.

MTBF, MTTR, PARETO diagram, equipment life line, financial analysis .... You will find the indicator in which you think.

Follow your customers closely.

Benefit from a centralized vision of your customer's information: your facilities to maintain (jobs, historical, ..), contracts, administration of: budgets, orders, delivery notes, invoices and credit notes. Access all the commercial data you want, and easily follow the entire sales process.

Do it, everything is ready.

Whether systematic or conditional, the CORIM preventive will respond to your maintenance plan requirements. Anticipate and optimize your necessary resources: internal and / or subcontracted, spare parts, tools, PPE, technical documents.

You have the resource !

Plan assistance, manage PPE, renew documentation, plan vacations, RTT, training, travel, manage the resources of your company and / or those of your subcontractors.

Let's work together.

We are here to find your best solution together with you.