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A team of experts in CMMS

Since 1996, we have worked in numerous professional areas related to maintenance management. Developer and integrator of the maintenance management solution (CMMS) and asset management (EAM), we go with you in your project to organize the maintenance, advising and developing specific solutions, we can offer you an accommodation of your solution on our secure platform.

Developer, Integrator of CMMS, besides...
Hyperactive optimization, committed to the creation of CMMS solutions and to go with you in your improvements.
Synergy of talents !
The synergy of knowledge and know-how of the members of our team is strengthened every year, in order to increase our levels of experience and excellence.
Demand our competences !
Our company integrates all the necessary competences for the good development of your CMMS project. We develop 100% of our computer products and provide continuous integration.
A unanimous commitment
Commitment is an essential value in CORIM Solutions, to offer the quality of service that we make of our identity.
Diversity, our engine
Fundamentally related to human values, we relate to different origins and targets, diversity is for us the engine of creativity.
A long-term vision
We preserve a family spirit that always favors long-term vision. Its objective is to guarantee new developments and the sustainability of our products and services.
Quality of service
Our company culture focuses on improving daily service.
Listening is the pillar of the relationships we develop with our customers, partners and employees.
Our philosophy of flexibility allows customized solutions of high value.
Close to you, respond quickly and well, that is to be operative.
Exchange of knowledge
The exchange with our customers and partners is our greatest strategic resource.
We have passion, we innovate quickly and every day to meet your current and future needs.

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