I advise
I ask for the help
I simplify the maintenance

Our approach to advise you

Your goal is ours.

Field observation
In order for the CMMS to be productive, you must perform a complete integration in your company. Observing and listening are, from our experience, fundamental in each phase of the project.
Culture of service and proximity are the heart of our values. We attribute the most importance to the management of your project; an expert in maintenance and another consultant, will be dedicated to you and your project ensuring a vision of it in real time.
Strategic thinking
From the integration study to the start-up of the CMMS, we collaborate with you to obtain a permanent, effective and safe project.
The technique
Our experience, accumulated in these last 20 years, is the guarantee of having a group of experts at your disposal. We feed our competition every day: with experiences in maintenance and computer techniques.
Training, development of specific solutions, integration in existing systems, dialogue with your IT department, our support is always personalized.
Exchange of knowledge
We establish a point of liaison to broadly transmit and spread our knowledge of the software for actors and users of the CMMS. Our main objective is to optimize and enrich your daily maintenance management.

CORIM Solutions technical support

Our centralized experience.

All CORIM competences on a daily basis.

Technical Support is offered by our highly qualified computer consultants and engineers. We make a commitment to the quality and sharing of information, all our teams work on the same technical platform and are in direct contact with the development and R & D departments.

Technical support

  • Each call is recorded and traced
  • You will be guided, by email or by phone
  • For greater responsiveness and accuracy in diagnosis, we can work directly on your computer remotely.

24x7 customer space

  • Download new versions and software updates
  • Follow in real time your request, status, progress and the response given.

CMMS Saas Cloud

Your maintenance management from the Cloud

Simplify your IT and reduce costs !

CORIM Cloud SAAS is the solution for a flexible, economic and immediate deployment. In your installation or in ours, the choice is yours. Discover with CORIM Cloud SAAS a way to work better. Our Data Center offers a platform and secure infrastructures, services are controlled access. Your stored data is accessible from wherever you wish.

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Zero maintenance



Your CMMS accessible at any time, 24x7, 365 days, where you want it: at the factory, at the office, from your customer, at home and from the platform you want.
Your maintenance data stored and shared instantly to improve your work.


We release you from your charges, we will take care of everything: security of the platform, infrastructure improvements, maintenance, safeguarding your data.
Our resources and competences at your service.


Tele-assistance services, tele-training, problem solving are controlled by access. It will benefit immediately and automatically from the latest updates or evolutions of the software.
It will evolve quickly and intelligently for the needs of your maintenance service.

Provide organization to your activity.