Impulse your asset management with CORIM Progress

Track your assets and keep your costs under control

Know your assets like the back of your hand
  • Inventory and management of facilities and technical infrastructures.
  • Graphic access to assets
  • Management of plans, documents, user manuals
  • Monitoring of obsolescence
Guarantee the safety of users.
  • Follow-up of mandatory standards, incident detection, PPE management.
  • Restrictions to the ERP
  • Management of non-conformities: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Management of consignments.
Manage the outsourcing
  • Management of external companies, maintenance contracts
  • Traceability of requests
  • Customer's web portal
  • Measure the responsiveness
  • Analyze the performance of your subcontractors
For the management of the company
  • Monitoring of the activity and planning: Traceability of the jobs and coordination of teams
  • Programming
  • Chase efficiency
Simplified inventories
  • Management of assets
  • Geopositioning of the equipment
  • Import and export the data of the facilities
Make the right decisions
  • Reports, decision support: renewal of equipment
  • Customized notification and alerts
  • Budget monitoring of contracts


CORIM Progress

The Facility Management CMMS for the management of maintenance services.

Directly manage the preventive and corrective maintenance of the facilities for better management of daily technical work. Manage your contracts and respond to their commitments. Quickly find the qualified technician for a job and check the planned jobs of the subcontractors.




Identify your facilities, anywhere, at any time.


  With or without connection.
Dispose of the information in all places, even in those where there is no coverage.


Capture and identify.
Identify your equipment and quickly access to your work with a simple QR code or RFID reading.

  Within reach.
Technical documents, inventories, PPE, PM Task, it has everything!

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